The increase in demand for warranty administrators

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Earlier in 2016 we published a news story about the increasing importance of the warranty administrator role within the motor industry. The article looked, in fairly broad terms, at both the requirements of the role and how our recruitment services benefit businesses in appointing the best people to the position. As there’s been a sharp increase in the number of appointments to this crucial role across the industry we thought it would be beneficial to have a closer look.

At the risk of being repetitive, in the earlier article we looked at how car warranties were once associated exclusively with brand new, off the showroom floor vehicles. The scope and mandate of them has expanded considerably to meet the requirements of market trends though.

A key area of growth for warranty sales is the used car market. Consumers in this sector of the market prefer the benefits they get from these warranties, with being able to have repairs carried out at dealerships being a particularly strong selling point.

The strong appeal these warranties have with vehicle buyers is not enough to either sell them or to ensure that they add value to the business offering them. This is why having a warranty administrator in place is both crucial and beneficial. Having someone able to plan, prepare and administer warranties that appeal to buyers can make all the difference for achieving growth in sales.

In terms of the current trend in respect of creating motor industry jobs for warranty administrators, the RAC is leading the way. This is, of course, far from being the first time that the RAC has been held up as defining a trend within the British motor sector. They have, in the period since we first ran a story on the subject, appointed 50 new warranty administrators, with the focus being on them advancing their business growth.

Our in-depth knowledge of the motor industry has always allowed us to anticipate changes such as the increased focus on the role of a warranty administrator. As a result we can effectively adapt our service to suit the needs of clients.

If you are looking to create new motor industry jobs such as positions for warranty administrators we can help you to find the right people to appoint. John Gibson Associates is a name you can rely on.