The importance of MOT testers

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Here in the UK, we are proud of our excellent record for road safety. In terms of the number of vehicles on the road and in relation to other nations, we have a thankfully low level of incidents. This is down to many possible factors including well taught, considerate drivers and well-maintained roads. One of the most important reasons is our MOT system, which ensures cars are legally safe to be on the road. Of the wide range of motor industry jobs available, a career as an MOT tester and technician is one that delivers great benefit to our society.

The function of an MOT tester is to evaluate and assess a vehicle in order to ensure it complies with legal requirements for safe use on our roads. With modern vehicle systems being so complex, there are many variables which must be examined and evaluated. MOT testers are faced with the extra challenge of completing their work swiftly so that people are not left without their vehicles any longer than necessary, while still ensuring the work is completed to the highest standards.

In addition to the financial rewards, many MOT testers report that they get immense job satisfaction. In this career you are genuinely helping people to remain safe in the vehicle they use every day, protecting other road users and keeping our roads secure. This means it is a position of great responsibility and value.

At John Gibson Associates we are always proud to represent those who have qualified to become MOT testers. Businesses which offer MOT testing want only the best technicians to carry out the work, and they know we are the leading name representing the very best of this profession. With ever increasing car sales in the UK, there are more vehicles on the road than ever before, so there is high demand for those who specialise in MOT testing and certification.