The highest car sales of the century have been recorded

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The automotive industry is one of the key industries that the country relies on. In recent years, the industry has stumbled but has managed to pick itself up and continue on the road of progress. In March 2015, we bore witness to the highest level of new car sales since the beginning of the century, with some incredibly impressive figures emerging.

Last month, the automotive industry saw the registration of 492,774 new cars, up 6% over March 2014. This is the best monthly figure since 1999, with the introduction of the bi-yearly plate changes. This gives an impressive boost to yearly figures, with new car registrations for 2015 currently standing at 734,588 according to the latest figures. This represents a 6.8% rise in the figure that was recorded in January-March 2014. This also highlights the 37th month of continuous growth in the new car market.

The figures are excellent news, and are welcome considering that March is considered one of the strongest months for car registrations due to the updating of license plates. These figures highlight that the recovery of the automotive industry continues to go on stronger than ever. They also trounce the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trader’s predictions that the market would level off in 2015 with only 1% growth. These figures were potentially buoyed by low interest sales, low petrol prices and new offerings, including fuel efficient cars, thus providing customers with more savings.

The automotive industry continues to thrive, and these figures indicate that the industry has not yet finished growing. This is good news for the manufacturing industry, and if the industry continues to perform well, there will be more and more automotive jobs to fill. We pride ourselves on being able to recruit and place the best possible candidates into vacancies that are suitable for them, and as the industry continues to grow, you can be assured that more and more vacancies will continue opening up. Contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of recruitment for automotive jobs and discover how we can benefit your career in this exciting sector.