The drive to digitisation in the automotive sector

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We have in the past discussed the many benefits which advances in technology have brought to cars. It’s been truly remarkable to see changes which have, on the whole, made driving safer, more environmentally friendly and – perhaps above everything else – more pleasurable.

Something that we haven’t given quite as much attention to is how technology – in particular digitisation – impacts the industry as a whole. A recently released report has given us an interesting point of departure to do this.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have released a commissioned report called “The Digitalisation of the UK Automotive Industry”. Of the many aspects of the industry this report looks at, the main focus is on sustaining the profitability of the motor trade. In this respect the report concludes that the sector in the UK could achieve a cumulative benefit of close to £75bn by 2035 should a strong focus on accelerating the adoption of digitisation be brought in.

Whilst this conclusion is both encouraging and interesting, our main focus in reading the report was to gain an understanding of how our motor trade recruitment services would be impacted by a stronger focus on digitisation being taken. It is likely that we will be under ever greater pressure to ensure that our services remain world class. This is particularly likely due to the need for long term recruitment strategies being identified as a key driver for success. This is, as you’d expect, pressure that we both welcome and will be ready to perform under.

Many new professionals are going to be required across the British motor industry in order to ensure the goals of digitisation are achieved. As we have been at the forefront of motor trade recruitment for many years we are the organisation best placed to support businesses.

Our complete understanding of what makes a candidate ideal for long term employment success has delivered great benefit across the sector. We look forward to this continuing and being of service to you.