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Based in York, our team at John Gibson Associates have been operating since 1987, serving the United Kingdom with a comprehensive recruitment solution. We work across the automotive industry, with everyone from automotive dealers to the manufacturers and distributors of automobiles. We work with global companies to recruit the staff that they expect: those of a high calibre who are extraordinarily skilled and can contribute greatly to their company. The renowned pedigree of our company stems from the fact that, since the very first day, we have sought to source candidates who are the best in their field and see them placed into jobs in which they can thrive.

John Gibson started his career in the automotive industry, progressing throughout the industry and working with companies such as VAG, OMC, Kawasaki Motorcycles and the Fiat Group. However, there was a distinct lack of bespoke recruiting within the industry, with agents simply sending out candidates in droves without checking or authenticating their CV to see if they were the best people for the job required. As such, in 1987, John Gibson Associates was opened to provide the automotive industry what it was lacking: high calibre staff placed into relevant careers. These needs haven’t changed, with a distinct skills shortage within the automotive industry meaning that talented staff are now needed more than ever. Our company has constantly been ahead of the recruiting industry to provide the best possible service, being one of the first automotive recruiters utilising the Internet and being the first to use psychometric assessment.

It is because of this that we are well suited to working with all kinds of companies, from local dealers to global manufacturers, sourcing and delivering the staff that are required to help their company excel. We operate a large database of candidates which is constantly updated to ensure the influx of skilled people is kept steady.

Franchised in 2000, our company has grown in leaps and bounds over the years with various franchises and regional offices across the UK and Ireland. We are considered one of the preferred suppliers for a large number of several of the UK’s motor industry dealer groups and are a trusted name in recruitment across the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland. We handle vacancies and candidates ourselves, vetting potential employees thoroughly. Once we have done so, we interview them to ensure they are right for the job before sending them to our clients so they can be interviewed by the clients themselves. This approach ensures excellent results.