The dawn of the driverless car approaches

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Automotive innovation is not a new concept for the UK, which has constantly strived to develop the latest technologies. Given its importance to the British economy, the industry is constantly ensuring that it remains ahead of competing industries in other countries. Autonomous vehicles are becoming a major focus in the UK, and the government has announced a hefty amount of funding for the sector fairly recently, which could mean an influx of new automotive jobs.

The government has recently launched a competitive fund of £20m, set aside for collaborative research and development into driverless cars. The funding will help Britain to capitalise on these new technologies and also help with the creation of highly skilled jobs. This investment was announced alongside a new code of practice designed to ensure that development and use is ethical, and that the safety of the general public will be taken into consideration when it comes to testing.

The launch of this initiative means that the UK is taking the development of driverless cars very seriously. The funding will also help with the integration of these new cars into society. It’s predicted that the autonomous vehicles could be worth £900 billion by 2025, so it makes sense to invest now and secure the UK’s place as a pioneer in the field. However, the UK does have stiff competition from the USA, where car makers are giving their backing to a $10m testing ground at the University of Michigan, dubbed Mcity, providing a global hub for testing and researching driverless vehicles.

With this funding, the UK once again looks to retain its dominance in the automotive industry, which goes from strength to strength with each passing month. Projects are already underway in areas including Milton Keynes, London and Bristol. One thing is for sure: our team at John Gibson Associates will gladly source the right candidates for the automotive jobs that will appear as we continue striving forward to perfect the driverless car.