The dangers of using promotions as a reward system

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In order for a business to be a success the strategy must be to use staff to their greatest strengths. This is true of any sector or industry. If you look at that and consider this to be more a matter of common sense that business advice you would in fairness be right – but it is something that often gets overlooked.

As one of the longest serving names in the world of recruitment for motor trade jobs we have seen many of the pitfalls companies in the industry can fall into. One of the most glaring of these is the danger of automatically assuming a ‘promotion’ is both beneficial and desirable for top performers. Quite the opposite can be the case when it comes to your sales executive team.

A common business model used to see dealerships reward high performing sales staff with a promotion – usually to the role of sales manager. Whilst the intention was always to reward the individual for their performance, occasionally the business suffered. By taking the star performer out of your sales team you are instantly lowering the likely level of sales.

It also frequently turns out to be the case that having an outstanding sales track record does not automatically translate into the ability to manage an entire sales force. Very different skills and abilities are required.

Companies in the British motor trade have learnt from this. Whilst it is important to reward high performing staff, a long term view of doing this must be taken into consideration. Moving a staff member to a higher paid position might seem like an excellent way to acknowledge that what they contribute is highly appreciated, but as you can see it could potentially do more harm than good.

Our recruitment services for motor trade jobs work towards helping you avoid this. We know, in keeping with the above example, that very different skills are required to be a success either as a sales executive or a manager. The unique and comprehensive system we have in place for recruitment means that we are able to identify the very best of candidates for either role for you – as well as for all other role requirements within your car industry business.