The continued rise in popularity of UK made motors

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The motor trade industry is one of the largest employers in the UK and on an almost daily basis companies requires new talent. This is where we come in, because thanks to our very extensive screening process, we take a good look at every candidate in order to match their skills with those needed by you. We won’t send someone who is reasonably good; only the most appropriate person will be referred to the business when you come to us for help with motor trade recruitment.

By September 2016 over 1 million vehicles had been manufactured in the UK according to new production figures. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) claims that approximately 160,000 vehicles left our production lines in that month, taking the number over the landmark figure. The production also saw a 0.9% increase over last year.

Out of the 159,726 motors created, 123,119 have been shipped out of the country. This means that 77% of the cars made in the UK were in fact built for clients located overseas. This figure is consistent with that of the year-to-date export volume, which had reached 1,000,642 come September’s end.

Nearly 1.3 million motors have been assembled in the UK this year and SMMT confirmed that there have been successive monthly increases in terms of vehicle fabrication for the past 14. This is a new record that hasn’t been seen since numbers were first measured back in 1995.

The double-digit growth in exports shows that British-built cars are in high demand abroad. This has resulted in a mass number of cars being created specifically for international markets. Many thanks should be given to the highly talented workforce in the UK, the strong partnerships between the industry and government, and investments in innovation and technology for the great performance.

At John Gibson Associates, we take the time to come and visit your company in order to discover what it is that you need from your workforce. Whether you need a person with technological skills or a thorough knowledge of mechanics, we can find them for you with our motor trade recruitment service. If you are thinking of recruiting soon, make sure to give us a call.