The complex role of parts advisor

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The role of a parts advisor must, to someone outside of the motor industry sector, look like a rather simplistic one. If you took the job title to be a job description it does sound quite a straightforward enough task. The fact of the matter is, however, that the role is very demanding – and one in which businesses have absolutely no margin for error in regards of who they employ to carry the work out.

At face value it would seem the role involves making sure the parts needed for a specific make and model of car are ordered to meet requirements. There is, as many have discovered, a great deal more to it than this.

A parts advisor is expected to carry out a full analysis on emerging trends in certain types of part being required. This is to ensure that an optimal stock level is kept so as to allow faster customer service. The parts advisor would also usually be responsible for sourcing parts at the lowest costs, as well as ensuring customer billing was correct.

To be a successful parts advisor one must be capable of working in a dynamic environment, as well as be able to multitask and adapt to a very wide range of requirements each day.

In respect of our recruitment services for motor industry jobs, we know that identifying the perfect candidates for this role involves finding someone as capable of back office administration work as they are skilled in front office customer services.

Whilst there’s no doubt that the role of a parts advisor is a demanding one it should always be kept in mind that it is also rewarding. A successful parts advisor will become the backbone of operational success for a business in the motor industry. Employing a high performer in the role is crucial to delivering an efficient level of high quality customer service, as well as to enhancing business processes and operations.