The challenging world of vehicle sales

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Vehicle sales is one of the most demanding aspects of the motor industry. According to the latest research by Symco, a training specialist in the sector, a typical dealership in the UK will lose around a third of its staff every year. The high turnover is because of tough probation periods, high targets and many other factors that can delay a career.

Such a high level of employee turnover is bad for morale and can also result in large costs for businesses. Having to constantly update and adapt insurance can be expensive, but companies are forced into it if sales people are to be driving either company or customer’s vehicles on the site. The cost of recruiting and training people will also accumulate quickly, potentially putting the business in jeopardy.

For businesses to operate efficiently and avoid the expenses of a high staff turnover, they need to carry out the recruitment process in the correct way in the first place. By taking time and looking carefully at what characteristics they want from the ideal candidate, dealerships can make a more informed choice of who to hire, deciding how well they match up against this criteria.

Alongside the recruitment policy, businesses also need to ensure they have the right training practises and targets in place. Throwing a new employee in at the deep end may not be a wise idea, even if they have prior experience of the sector. Some form of training will always be needed. It is a good idea to train staff carefully and have them learn from experienced members of your team.

At John Gibson Associates we specialise in motor trade recruitment, advertising and filling motor trade jobs for a wide number of businesses. We have helped many dealerships to fill sales roles, whether they are looking for someone experienced or fresh talent they can invest in. As part of the service we assist our clients in deciding what characteristics they are looking for and what will make a candidate ideal. From here we can support them in searching for that person.