The challenge of successful sales in a strong market

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The phenomenal rate of growth in car sales over the past three years has led many to consider embarking on a career in sales. If there’s such a high level of demand for vehicles, it seems like selling them must be as simple as taking money from all these willing buyers. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, a higher level of performance by car sales staff has been one of the key factors contributing to these increasing volumes. Our expert motor trade recruitment services have helped to facilitate this.

Those who have the skills and disposition for a sales role can reap exceptional rewards from embarking on a career in the automotive industry. A dynamic, confident personality is essential to success in the world of car sales, but so is a balanced understanding of both what you sell and who you sell it to.

There is no mistaking that we live in the information age. With so much knowledge easily accessible online, consumers are more knowledgeable and informed than ever before. This is something which has significantly raised expectations around engagement with sales staff, for it is now very easy to spot or detect when we are being misled by sales tactics. From budget cars through to expensive, highly regarded commercial vehicles, buyers expect the sales people they deal with to have considerable knowledge of the vehicle and understand exactly what their requirements and expectations are.

As sales are one of the most crucial factors for ensuring sustainable success in the automotive industry, we place a very high level of focus on sales in our recruitment service. Our personality testing gives the most comprehensive report on an individual’s sales approach, covering every aspect from motivation and style through to their suitability for specific businesses. We are proud of our successful track record of high performing sales appointments through our approach.