The booming automotive sector needs talented individuals

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Recently released figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reveal that the UK car market has grown for the 36th consecutive month. February is typically one of the quietest months of the year as we await the March number plate change, but this February saw the market grow 12.0% with a total of 76,958 new registered cars, which signifies a rise of 8.3%. This increase was driven by fleet buyers being responsible for 19.9% of registrations in February.

The sustained expansion of the UK car market is the longest ever seen, and has topped the previous record set in the 1980s. The number of new cars registered every month has been on the rise since March 2012 as the UK continues to bounce back from the financial crash, and as consumer demand is driven by the continuous introduction of exciting new products.

The three years of continued growth in the new car market indicates the substantial increase in the confidence of UK car buyers since the recession. The high number of registrations of fleet and business cars also highlights the newly restored confidence in business throughout the UK. Most fleet vehicle purchasers buy on a three year replacement cycle, which means many of the cars that were bought at the start of the current growth period will soon be replaced. Since March 2012 the rolling volume of the UK new vehicle market has grown by more than 540,000 units, and more than one in three of the past 36 months has seen a double-digit percentage increase.

As the automotive industry continues to thrive, it becomes more important to recruit the skilled and qualified people that can contribute to its future. We focus on high recruitment for motor trade jobs, working for a diverse range of clients throughout the automotive sector. We operate a thorough recruitment process that is designed to find the right people to fill our clients’ vacancies. Each of our potential candidates is interviewed in person or via Skype, and we only send you an interviewee when we are satisfied they can bring something to your business. We commit ourselves to finding the most suitable candidates for motor trade jobs and we operate with confidentiality and professionalism.