The benefits of recruiting from a large talent pool

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In any sector it is always more cost effective to recruit the right person the first time. If you choose an unsuitable candidate you can be forced to undertake the whole recruitment process again, incurring large costs as a result. Having details of additional candidates to hand can help to save time and the expense. That is why many businesses keep the information of applicants on file for a period of time after a recruiting cycle.

To stand the best chance of finding the right person for the job you need to have the largest possible talent pool to choose from. There are several ways you can expand it and ensure you attract applications from the people you want. It is important to put the time and investment in early to build up the talent pool so you can choose from them when you need to.

A good option is to work with a recruitment specialist who already has the details of candidates to hand. That way you get access to more people and can save time in the process. It can also save you the cost of investing yourself.

At John Gibson Associates we specialise in recruiting for motor trade jobs. We have worked hard to build a pool of talented candidates spread all across the UK. To date we have over 63,000 on our books, including people looking for all kinds of different roles. Working with us gives you access to them.

In addition we provide guarantees on the staff that we place. When a business recruits a candidate we put forward to them there is a six month period when they can make a change if they are unhappy for any reasons. This offers good security and prevents higher additional costs. We are so committed to finding the right person the first time though that we rarely need to find someone new.

If you ever find yourself in need of candidates to take on motor trade jobs we can locate them for you and ensure they meet your requirements. To find out more about our services please get in touch with us; we have franchises in regions across the UK.