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The automotive industry is a valuable asset to the UK and working in this dynamic sector can set you up with a job for life. In today’s economic conditions, however, we understand that it can be somewhat difficult to find a job within your chosen industry. Though many automotive companies are looking for new blood to ensure the future of the industry, you need all the extra help available to secure a position that is right for you. We are experts in automotive recruitment and we will help you to take the right steps towards getting into the industry.

When you join us and submit your details, we will give you all the help needed to find a rewarding, exciting job in the motor industry. Whether you’re looking for a sales position or want to work in engineering, our team will work hard to ensure that you are put forward for the right roles. After submitting your details to us, we will be at work trying to find you the right place. In the meantime, we encourage you to join the Institute of the Motor Industry. This is the only professional body to represent individuals within the automotive industry; joining will let all potential employers know that you are fully committed to the industry, its inherent professionalism and the ethics that it upholds.

There are a number of benefits to joining the institution. Your membership highlights your experience, as well as your dedication to the industry and the fact that you are qualified to work in this field. You can also display post-nominal letters after your name, giving you extra recognition amongst potential employers. The Institution also offers a number of training courses, with an impressive CPD portfolio covering a number of training providers and vehicle manufacturers, helping to boost your employability.

You also receive a number of free items and discounts. You receive a Halfords trade card and savings on AA breakdown cover and on SP Diagnostics. There is also limited free legal advice and discounts offered for Taylor & Emmet solicitors. There are also local networking events that help members build up their links with the industry and improve their prospects of being hired. Even personal accident insurance is provided for any domiciled UK citizen up to the age of 80. Rounding this off is their Motor Industry Magazine, delivered ten times a year to ensure that you are kept abreast of all developments within the industry.

With the aid of both our automotive recruitment specialists and the Institute of the Motor Industry, you will have an advantage when it comes to securing a career within the motor trade. We will help to find the right job for you, while the Institute will give you a boost by providing you with the ability to highlight your experience within the industry.