The automotive industry offers many career choices

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The automotive industry offers some really amazing career opportunities, and attracts countless talented individuals. The sector is driven by technology and constantly seems to be changing and seeking the next new innovation. People can start careers at apprentice level and progress relatively quickly through the ranks, especially when they have access to the best training and support. Whether you’re interested in the mechanical side or are looking at administrative and support services, there is a great number of opportunities when it comes to automotive jobs.

Each role will have different demands and requirements, so it is important to decide what you want from your career before you start searching. If you’re thinking mechanical, you’ll have to decide which area you want to specialise in. You could choose to be a vehicle technician and do everyday work on vehicles or be a fully fledged mechanic able to perform a wider range of tasks. On top of this there is also the option to specialise in diesel engines and work on large commercial vehicles.

Alongside mechanics there are also several support services to choose from on the technical side including body or paintwork specialists and assembly line workers. The mechanical role you go for should depend on your interests and skills so you’ll be happy with the career you pick.

If the business side is more appealing, there are an equally large number of different roles to consider. There is always demand for talented sales people, especially those with good communication skills. A little up the ladder from the shop floors are managers who oversee the whole showroom. On top of this there are numerous administrative jobs that need talented people to fill them. The financial and insurance aspects of the automotive sector also offer some really great opportunities.

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