Tesco car sales to Women are to exceed 30%.

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In an Article taken from the Motor Trader Magazine,

Tesco Cars chairman Sir Trevor Chinn, writing in the August issue of Motor Trader said the used car market still had a lot of work to do to be transparent, particularly for female buyers.

“The used car market is so often perceived as a minefield for potential customers, and that needs to change.

“There is still a noticeable apprehension when people have to find, negotiate and buy a used car.

”Those most ill at ease have always been female buyers, often buying with family or a male friend to reduce the fear factor of being ripped off.”

Sir Trevor said firms like Amazon were leading the way in online customer satisfaction.

As Amazon, Dell, Expedia and others have demonstrated, customer care and trust are key drivers in online sales.

“Tesco Cars builds on the retailer’s core pillars of customer value, transparency, satisfaction and trust.

Sir Trevor said choice also extended to giving customers the option to have their car serviced at independent or franchised dealer.

“Tesco has 19 million customers. We know them not as groups, or stereotypes, but as individuals: all 19 million of them.

”If you’re looking to target a first time mum considering a 5-door hatchback rather than the sports car that has served her so well, we know her.”