Technology is crucial for the UK’s automotive industry

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Across all industries, it is a universal fact that new technology becomes more affordable and widely used over time. While this is most visible in products that we purchase on a fairly frequent basis, such as smartphones and home entertainment systems, the importance of technology should never be overlooked in the automotive sector. Here in the UK, the adaptation of new technology has been a primary factor in the success of the motor industry over the last few years, and is seen as a significant factor to ensuring continued growth in the years ahead.

There were a record number of new car sales and registrations achieved in 2015, with a figure of just over two and a half million. While the industry as a whole can take pride in this accomplishment, it is important to understand how and why this figure was reached. One of the strongest reasons was the presence of technology and features that were once the reserve of high-end luxury vehicles, but which are now viewed as a standard part of most new cars. Time and again, advanced vehicle functionality has proven to be a strong motivating factor for buyers when deciding whether or not they wish to purchase a new car.

The technology in a car is only part of the story. The value of technological advances in car design and production cannot be overstated. For example, advances in technology have enabled designers and manufacturers to produce a prototype of a new vehicle in 60% of the time it took just a decade ago. This increased efficiency serves to reduce production costs, and also allows far more freedom for testing and trying new concepts and ideas.

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While it is true that technology is seen as a key factor in the growth of any industry, it is particularly remarkable to see how it has affected and enhanced the automotive sector. The technological advances in cars themselves and the processes for designing and building have helped make the automotive sector one of the most important elements of the UK economy. Our work ensures that companies can access the staff they require to build on this.