Technological change and skill requirements go hand in hand

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The needs of employers all over the world are changing alongside technological development. The relationship has arisen because as businesses invest in new technology and equipment they need staff with the skills to use it effectively. Therefore the workforce and any prospective candidates for jobs need to ensure they have these relevant skills.

The engineering sector has seen some of the biggest changes in terms of skills requirements. A traditional skill set is still required but alongside this many engineers are expected to have IT skills so they can utilise the new devices and equipment at their disposal. The demands mean that employs need to undergo more training and ensure they have the right competencies.

The expansion of the number of skills demanded by engineering firms is particularly prominent in the motor industry. This is a sector that is heavily driven by technological development. It helps to improve manufacturing techniques, allows more flexibility with design, and creates vehicles that are safer, more connected and packed with extra features. To make these vehicles employees need to have the necessary skill set.

Safety systems in cars are a good example of how far demands have changed. Traditionally these systems were controlled mechanically, using valves, levers and hydraulics. Creating and fixing these required traditional skills. Now many of them are controlled electronically. It takes different training to program the systems and check them. As a result a wider skill set is needed.

At John Gibson Associates we have provided recruitment services for the motor trade sector for over twenty five years. We have seen the expansion of skills mentioned above and helped numerous clients to recruit the right staff. We work closely with each client, helping them to determine what openings they have and what they want from an ideal candidate. We then set about finding the right person to take on the motor trade jobs that are created.

The skills of engineers in the motor trade industry will continue to expand as technological change continues. We will proudly be on hand to help clients to address their needs and take on the recruitment challenges for them.