Talent on display

During our 25 years of experience, we have supplied automotive companies with the finest talent. The sector is one that requires the most skilled of individuals and with our careful selection process we can easily identify the best candidates.

Everyone wants their work to be on display at a special event and the automotive industry is no different. Of course businesses will need something to truly impress and awe the audience, and with the right staff, you can accomplish this. The North East Automotive Expo is taking place this year in Sunderland and it will offer people the chance to bring in new concepts and showcase new products.

What’s new about this year is a Technology Showcase that is sponsored by Evolution MRO. This will give companies a platform to showcase original technologies or expand existing applications into the automotive sector. The organisers of the event, North East Automotive Alliance, are particularly interested in having new technologies introduced to the audiences. The exhibit will offer the opportunity to deliver a three minute pitch to a sector-specific audience, in addition to displaying the fruit of their work within the Technology Showcase hall. The pitch is open to a plethora of companies across the UK.

As an automotive recruitment agency, we believe that every company has the potential to have their work be put on display. With the right staff at your disposal, this is something your company can achieve. Of course finding the right staff is a challenge, but it is one that we take head on. Our first-class personality profiling tools are designed to find out which prospective candidates excel the most. This allows us to put the right people forward for jobs, ensuring we can satisfy the needs of our clients effectively.

At John Gibson Associates we help to provide automotive companies with the finest recruits. We understand the need for excellent talent like no other agency and so we go the extra mile to ensure that every candidate is right for the job.