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For almost thirty years, we have been focused on facilitating a superior employment process for automotive jobs. It was an alarming reality that the approach to sourcing suitable candidates for motor trade jobs was without any form of structure. We knew that the shortfall was proving to have a negative impact on the industry. The problems lay primarily in the fact that clients were never visited to ascertain precise needs, candidates faced no interview process, and very little effort was made to maintain communication with clients and candidates.

When we first established the company, the initial response we received was one of amazement. Both clients and candidates were impressed that things could be improved so much and they immediately loved the alterations we made. Over time our values have become rooted in the way our company operates, and employers themselves have come to recognise and appreciate the necessity for a professional recruitment process. Over the years the success of the motor industry has led to an inevitable change in perspective regarding the way automotive jobs are viewed. Jobs are seen as careers now rather than trades, and the industry presents a world of opportunity. It is a fact that many people occupying roles in senior management began their careers in modest positions. The industry presents every opportunity to ascend the professional ladder based on hard work and merits.

We exist in a digital age and the automotive industry is as reliant on computers as any other. We utilise the benefits offered by database searches and retrieval to coherently and confidentially manage the records of clients and candidates. However, we also know that computers do not possess the intuition that human beings do. There is no substitute for a face to face meeting. Despite qualifications and experience, a candidate may not be right for a particular environment and a meeting between two people is the only way to establish this. Both employer and potential employee need to meet and converse. The process allows people to listen to their own instincts and make an informed decision.

It is our responsibility to visit every employer at their professional location and discover their precise requirements. We carefully evaluate and validate every potential candidate and we make sure we are sending an individual with the relevant skills and capabilities. As it is so important that employees can adapt and adjust to a particular environment we take every step to ensure the person we send is likely to fit in with your professional culture.

We treat every client and candidate equally and we never provide anything less than the highest quality service to either. We are committed to providing the industry with the most stellar individuals possible and our clients can rest assured we will continue to contribute to the success of this thriving sector by recruiting for automotive jobs.