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We are frequently asked which area of the automotive industry is the most important or crucial to the sector as a whole. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the most respected automotive recruitment specialists in the UK today, and we got to this position by knowing and understanding that every single area of the industry is of equal importance.

The British automotive industry is a success because of the interdependent nature of the businesses within it. It is simply not possible for the sector as a whole to succeed if one area performs weakly. For example, if car sales and exports fall, then it does not matter how superior our manufacturing sector performs as it would be creating vehicles that go nowhere. Of course, the reverse is also true, with sales and after sales customer care relying on superb performance from the manufacturing sector.

Businesses in the British motor industry know that having the best staff is crucial to sustaining the success of both their own company and the industry as a whole. This is why we exist to serve all businesses in the sector. We know how important the right staff are to a business, and most pertinently, we know how best to identify and find them.

The pressures of modern commerce are such that most businesses in any sector cannot afford the time or resources to find suitable staff directly. Businesses operating in the automotive industry know that they can use our services to achieve this. A number of companies prefer to use us and only us to meet their needs when it comes to recruitment for motor industry jobs.

We are here to help, support and assist your business by presenting to you the most comprehensive automotive recruitment processes that the UK has to offer. We carry out competency and personality profile testing on all the staff we represent, which ensures that you get a far fuller impression of potential candidates than you would from simply reading their CV. With our complete assessment of candidates, you are assured of being able to make far better, more informed employment decisions and as a consequence make more effective appointments for motor industry jobs.