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The drive to be far more environmentally aware is, it would be fair to say, one of the defining factors of the British motor trade. The widespread knowledge and understanding we have of just how important it is to be more eco-friendly and responsible in all that we do has been adopted by the sector. This is reflected in both the far more resource efficient ways used to produce cars and in the production of vehicles which generate low to no emissions.

In order for the environmental improvements being made by the automotive sector to succeed it is vital that they are supported by the infrastructure. A number of measures are being taken to ensure this is in place – along with the significant investment required to make it work.

An example of the above is the announcement of a £35million investment in a nationwide network of charge points for electric vehicles. The Transport Minister made this commitment earlier in 2016, and it illustrates how society is changing with the industry to make cars more environmentally friendly.

One of the most important changes in support of the above has been a shift in focus of the dynamics of the recruitment processes for motor trade jobs. In order to adopt and sustain effective environmental principles in the industry it has been necessary to bring in skills not normally associated with the sector. It is with pride that we have seen our services come to be at the forefront of this.

Our company has always been as passionate about environmental concerns as we are about delivering an outstanding service in terms of recruitment. We understand how both are related, and indeed how crucial they are to sustainability issues. By identifying candidates best suited to meeting the long term strategies of businesses we have been able to significantly contribute to sustainability being achieved.

We as a company are dedicated to finding, understanding and presenting the finest candidates available for all forms of motor trade jobs. This has always been the case and shall continue to be, no matter what changes emerge in terms of requirements.

At this stage it is clearly the case that companies need staff with the skills to further develop eco-friendly initiatives in the motor trade. We can be relied on to deliver them. If you would like more information please contact us.