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The automotive industry is laden with national symbolism. If we look back to the sixties, we see images of E Type Jaguars and Minis. However, if we fast forward a decade, we see the crash of the booming UK automotive industry under the weight of industrial strife. The seventies brought strikes and inconsistency and the sector seemed to be in a state of permanent decline. Today tells a dramatically different tale. High tech production lines across the UK are producing three cars a minute, which highlights the astonishing resurgence of the UK automotive industry.

Car manufacturers have weathered the storms and endured long periods of stagnating economy. The latest figures reveal a staggering rise in employment, sales and investment in new products and plants. The remarkable recovery of the sector shows the powerful effects of globalisation and the dynamic role it can play in strengthening economies, increasing productivity and creating fantastic new opportunities for motor industry jobs.

Car makers from India, Japan, Germany and America have invested 7 billion in the past two years and devised long-term strategies to revive iconic UK brands. The UK is now the base for more manufacturers than any other location in Europe. There are eight premium producers, seven major car makers, nine bus builders and a varied range of niche manufacturers. The industry is awash with innovation and an influx of investment that ensures continued expansion and success.

The industry currently employs almost 800,000 workers, and earns in excess of 10 billion on a yearly basis. It managed to successfully adapt to shifting global markets by manufacturing heritage brands that have global appeal. The renaissance of the motor industry has led to a thriving sector that is a million miles away from the collapsed industry of past and recent years.

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