Success in motor industry jobs depends on gaining an insight into your candidates

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Continued growth within the automotive industry depends on the locating and placing of highly skilled, fully trained and adaptable staff in key positions. Successful recruitment companies understand the importance of resourcing the finest candidates for crucial employment opportunities within this thriving industry.

The UK car sector is currently seeing substantial increases on an annual basis, which inevitably leads to the existence of more jobs. This is due to the fact that the exporting of car parts from the UK to Europe and the rest of the world is increasing year after year. Furthermore, there are vast advancements in vehicular technology which dictates a greater demand for specialists such as IT technicians, designers and manufacturers. We concentrate on contributing to the recovery of the economy by focusing on industry investment growth and long term sustainability.

We stand out among other recruitment specialists because we offer all organisations beneficial access to unrivalled personality profile testing tools. The ultimate aim is to provide accurate information and data to ensure the best possible recruitment decisions are made. Thorough assessments highlight informative personality traits and methods of thinking. Employers and recruiters are furnished with details regarding candidates’ thinking styles and the way they construct their professional relationships.

The acquisition of insight is a necessary pursuit and helps employers foresee how a particular candidate will perform in the role and how well they will adapt to particular environments. The collapse of the world’s economy has placed undeniable strain on many sectors, but the automotive industry continues to flourish. The incredible fact is that the motor industry currently employs over three quarters of a million people and the last year alone saw the inception of 40,000 vacancies.