Strong performance recorded in the commercial vehicle sector

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The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have recently released the registration and sales figures for commercial vehicles during November 2016. Once again the reports are positive, showing growth in both this specific sector and, as a consequence, across the British automotive sector as a whole. The numbers presented surpassed even the most optimistic of projections, with record breaking figures achieved in key areas.

Light commercial vehicle registrations rose by some 2.5% in the period. This equates to 29,784 registrations – the highest figure achieved for the month since records began over 20 years ago.

To look at the figures in a broader perspective, what this information means is that the automotive sector is on course to record over 350,000 new commercial vehicles being registered in 2016.

Much of the growth in registrations was driven by the increased demand for smaller vans, weighing up to 2.5 tons. Registrations for this form of commercial vehicle were up by just over 43%. Registrations for heavier vans, weighing up to 3.5 tons, remain consistent. The year-to-date figure for this type of vehicle reflects an overall increase of around 7%.

Whilst the above is very good news for the British automotive industry in itself, there are arguably far reaching – and greater – implications for the whole of our economy. There is universal agreement about how this record level of new commercial vehicles being registered reflects a strong level of business confidence in the country.

The approach we have brought to automotive recruitment processes within the industry has been credited with helping achieve this remarkable level of success. By ensuring candidates are matched with companies where long term employment is more likely we help create the stability required by businesses to build for success.

2016 has, in many respects, been quite a turbulent year. It is testament to how strong the British automotive industry is that it has continued to achieve remarkable growth figures despite these quite testing times. We are proud of the fact that our automotive recruitment services have helped achieve this, and we look forward to continuing with our proven approach for success.