Strong Automotive Sector Performance Expected To Continue

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It would be fair to say that the growing levels of demand for recruitment services in the automotive sector has, for the most part, come about as a consequence of the impressive performance of the British industry. The success has come from growth in the three markets which are of most significance in the present day – domestic, European and international. Although developments during 2016 have had some bearing on projections for the future of the sector, there is an across the board level of agreement that growth will remain as being sustainable.

The UK automotive sector is, at this time, in an unequalled position. In respect of trade with Europe, it is the case that the mainland is more reliant on us in terms of exports and sales. This is something reflected in our strong domestic motor trade performance, and is recognized by other international manufacturers. An example of this last point can be seen in the view Asian based car brands have of the UK. They see the British market as being crucial to both sales and parts production, and have invested heavily accordingly.

We would be doing a disservice if we didn’t acknowledge the concerns many have about all aspects of life in the face of changes in our society and economy. It would, however, be a similar disservice if we chose not to highlight the factors which have led to the current success experienced in the automotive sector, and indeed how those factors continue to be of great significance going forward.

The current forecast for the future of the British automotive industry is one which remains to have a positive vision of sustained growth and success. The domestic market is anticipated to stay strong and the international community see us as being the most preferential location for both sales and production. From our perspective, we look forward to providing a great many more years of recruitment services, helping clients to find the perfect people to take on automotive jobs.