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The automotive industry is global and employs people in countless countries. In 2014, 129,000 people were employed in the sector in the UK alone. In the US approximately 1 out of every 7 jobs are related to automobiles in one way or another. The industry has helped to establish some of the largest economies in the world, and continues to be a leading component in economic growth and technological advancement.

The UK is renowned as a central market for the automotive sector, particularly in terms of the development and manufacturing of vehicles. The global nature of the industry means markets need to make the best use of their resources if they want to stay competitive. For the UK this includes the quality of the infrastructure, the education standards and skills of the workforce. Other countries can offer lower wages and cheaper production costs but the UK is ahead in terms of research and development.

To stay competitive, the UK automotive industry needs to invest in talent and ensure they train staff early so they can fill roles in the future. Many companies offer apprenticeships and some even work with local schools, colleges and universities to devise training programs. It is possible to build a great career in the sector as a result.

One big challenge the sector has to face is that of choosing the right people to fill roles. With apprenticeships and jobs with advancement opportunities it is even more important because of the amount companies will be investing in the successful applicant. To help with this, businesses need a dynamic automotive recruitment strategy and a partner they can rely on to help them.

At John Gibson Associates (JGA) we specialise in filling automotive jobs. We have a great deal of experience in all aspects of automotive recruitment and have helped countless clients to recruit the right people. Our recruiting process is versatile so it can be completely tailored to suit the needs of each client. As part of our service we can help you to advertise, collect CVs, conduct personality tests and narrow down the field for you. Whatever your needs we are confident we can help you to satisfy them.