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To the best of our knowledge, there are around 720,000 people in employment within the automotive industry. 140,000 of them work in the manufacturing side of the industry, and 19,000 new jobs have been created at many facilities throughout the UK as a result. The industry itself has seen substantial growth over the last few years and has taken a leading position in the recovery of the national economy. We are in prime position at the forefront of the automotive recruitment sector and we have successfully earned our place here since we established our company over 25 years ago. We are dedicated to ensuring the continuing contribution to the evolution and expansion of the motor industry and as a result we specialise in the superior recruitment of candidates to all motor trade jobs.

We believe in employing the highest standard of recruitment techniques in order to acquire the highest standard of employees. We ensure that the inadequate methods of automotive recruitment that were in place many years ago have been replaced with methods that are the epitome of professional, rigorous and effective. Our operation incorporates thorough vetting of all candidates to authenticate their details, experience and abilities. It is our responsibility to save you money, time and the endless frustration of interviewing candidates that are entirely unsuitable for a position in your organisation. We know how to assess each individual and if we feel that they are not an appropriate match to your company, we will simply seek out the person that is. We take your professional needs seriously and we have a full awareness of the fact that you seek skilled and capable employees.

The 21st century automotive industry is thriving and as a result it dictates a demand for ultimate performers with capabilities that exceed expectations. Our service extends to the availability of first class and world leading online tools that successfully profile personality. Personality testing is essentially a method of highlighting certain aspects and elements of a person’s nature and character. The testing of personalities originated at the beginning of the 20th century, with the specific intention of simplifying the selection of personnel with particular focus on the armed forces. Time has resulted in the development of many tests, and we offer access to the finest selection available for the purposes of recruitment. The empirical methods that the 20th century embraced contributed to the evolution of sophisticated tests and our selection is perfect for providing assistance with your important decisions regarding automotive recruitment.

We have steered our way to the very top of our sector and our strong relationships with clients such as Volvo, Ford, Toyota and BMW is testament to our unparalleled skills and dedication. We work tirelessly to equip the industry with the finest people available and every client can entrust their automotive recruitment needs to us. We remain completely committed to the recruitment of stellar candidates for all types of motor trade jobs.