Sophisticated emergency systems to reduce road accidents

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In 2014, 25,700 people lost their lives in road accidents throughout Europe. Manufacturers across the automotive industry have recently welcomed a new law dictating the installation of an automatic emergency calling device in all light cars and vans in the European Union from April 2018. In the event of a collision or accident the eCall device will automatically alert the closest emergency centre by calling the emergency number 112. The device will also inform the relevant emergency authorities of the number of people in the vehicle and the precise time and location of the crash.

The EU anticipates the introduction of the eCall system will cut road fatalities by 10% a year. It estimates that the average emergency response time will fall by %50 in the countryside and %60 in urban areas. The eCall device will be available to all in the EU and is expected to play a substantial part in the mitigation of the consequences of traffic collisions. People will also have the option to push a button located inside the car if they need to make an eCall. Three years after the launch the effects of the system will be assessed in order to determine the validity of installation in trucks and buses.

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