Some basic but beneficial recruiting tips

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When it comes to recruitment, there are several things you need to do to ensure you choose the right candidates for your business. You want individuals who will contribute and help you to move forwards. Knowing what qualities to look for and the kind of environment you need to create to help them get started quickly will increase your chance of choosing the right people.

The first thing to do whenever you look at recruiting is ensuring you attract the right pool of applicants. To do this you should be comfortable using multiple channels, including a combination of traditional and modern digital ones. By being open and having your job adverts in more places you naturally increase the target audience. Remember to choose the channels that will put you closest to the type of applicants you want. For example if you’re targeting graduates make sure information is on job boards and in the careers offices.

One of the biggest arguments when recruiting is whether it is better to choose experience or potential. Some organisations like to start from fresh so they can train somebody in their systems. Others prefer someone already experienced in a similar role so there are less training costs and delays whilst they get up to speed. The option they choose will depend on the organisation but there are clear advantages to choosing experience.

Recruiting internally is a good idea and can save you the cost of advertising and interviewing so many candidates. There are clear advantages from a motivational point of view too because your staff will see that there are career prospects. By investing in your own talent you can also ensure you choose someone who will know the role in and out, giving them the chance to grow with your organisation and become integral to it.

If you want to make recruitment easier one of the simplest things to do is to ensure you are known as a good employer. Simply having a reputation for offering good jobs and caring for your staff will see people flock to apply to work for you.

Another easy tip is to have a careers section on your website with job listings. This will give interested and casual visitors the chance to see what positions you have available when they browse. It also means they can easily find additional information about the goals and philosophy of your business before applying.

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