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Social Media(Social) Media Exposure

We at JGA try to embrace all aspects of Social Media to help both our clients and our candidates. We do, however, feel that we need to suggest some best practises to make sure the right message gets across!

1. Facebook – one of the most popular and recognisable social media sites in the world.

As a recruiter, we like to ‘facebook’ our candidates to give us a better understanding of your personalities and to check whether or not you may have posted any ‘unsuitable’ pictures on your profile – remember that if we can see them, anyone can !

If you have recently applied for a new position with a client of ours which will involve some seniority and/or responsibility and you have a picture of yourself semi-naked  ‘ having it large’ in some den of iniquity, would you like a prospective employer looking at this ??

2. Twitter – another internationally known and used social media site.

Once again, as a recruitment business at the forefront of motor trade recruitment in the UK, we like to post messages to all our followers (follow us on @JohnGibsonAssoc In case you didn’t already know! ) and we like to post comments as well as receive them. These comments are, of course, personal to you but can also be seen by anyone; therefore, we ask that you please be totally honest about anything you may tweet, remembering to make sure that your comments are not slanderous in any way, racist, ageist or derogatory to any specific person or company. If you are having a bad day and want to tell someone about it, call us ! We are thick-skinned enough to understand that this may happen from time to time and we would love to know what you think of your boss– just not posted  on the above boards!!

3. LinkedIn – Quickly becoming the ONLY international, professional contact site.

Although this is specifically for business people much more than the above two sites, it is still wise to keep any strong views to yourself or in a personal message to your connection (rather than posting a message to share to ALL your contacts) ……………..Remember who could be looking, that might be a 2nd or 3rd level contact to one of your connections!!!

To sum up, please remember this: – if you have very far-right views on something and you like to take photos of yourself in various states of drunken undress, at illegal lock-ins making ‘artistic nature movies’ under the influence of banned substances – please keep it to yourself for both our benefits!!

 Exposure on Job Boards

It has come to our attention that certain motor trade job boards have changed the way they operate and that once you have applied for a job, your CV is on show to anyone who signs up to search through online CV’s. This will expose you to the following;

  1. The ‘cowboy recruitment agency’ – These people search the internet for CV’s and then send them ‘en masse’ to everyone in the UK who has a job advertised with the hope of getting someone to bite and thus getting a fee…………..What if they send it to YOUR BOSS ??
  2. b.      HR managers within the motor trade – This could be HR personnel within a specific dealer group or a manufacturer…………….. Again, would you like your employers to know you are applying for other jobs???

JGA remain the best and safest way to search for a new position in the motor trade and if you remember the above, you will all have nothing to worry about.

We now have a fully interactive web-site with ALL the latest jobs around the UK with a team of dedicated ex-motor trade experts to help you with your next and future career moves and look forward to hearing from you.

Email address 

Almost everyone has an email account of some sort and we receive all our candidate CV’s by email. Our clients are increasingly using Psychometric Testing  or online manufacturer  assessments and for this they normally require candidate email address . Please make sure that the email address you use is acceptable : For example, the following is just a short list of what may not be the best addresses to use for obvious reasons !!

—–[email protected]

—–[email protected]

—–[email protected]


If you have a similar email address as above, please consider a new one for any applications you may submit as this may have a detrimental effect on your chances of being considered further for any position.