Social media can be utilised in motor trade recruitment

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Inefficient recruitment strategies can be very costly for business, especially in highly competitive sectors like the motor trade. Luckily there are a number of options available that can boost efficiency and give businesses an advantage over their competitors. One of these is social recruiting.

Social media plays a very big role in the modern world. It increases connectivity between people and allows them to talk to a much wider audience. Businesses can benefit from the networks primarily in terms of marketing, reaching a higher number of people more efficiently and cost effectively. On top of that there are benefits for recruiting too.

One thing that businesses should always keep in mind is that not everybody will be searching for jobs. This means that adverts, regardless of how effectively they are placed, will never reach everybody. Some people simply won’t be looking and therefore will not see that positions are available.

A solution to the above is to use social media networks to reach people as part of your recruitment drive. This can work really well and boost the number of people you can encourage to apply for a position.

You need to ensure you post the right things at the proper times when you take on this kind of strategy. In the best case you’ll get maximum engagement with your posts. This should translate to more applicants, including those people who weren’t initially looking at a new job.

With social media recruiting you can promote your business more effectively than relying on adverts alone. You can mix information about roles with posts that show your work culture and what it is like to be a member of your team. Both can be very attractive to applicants.

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