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The latest research from leading vehicle auction company British Car Auctions has revealed that 'family and friends' have the biggest influence on used car buyers, ahead of their own personal experience, independent expert advice and even a vehicle test drive. For the first time, 'views of family and friends' have topped the table of influences on used car buyers which Tim Naylor, Editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report thinks might simply be a 'sign of the times'.

"As economic conditions have got tougher over the last couple of years, it could well be that people think it's safer to trust the views of their family and friends before anyone else", said Tim Naylor. "Of course, the reality is that a family member or friend may not have any expert experience when it comes to selecting a used car – but it just feels a safer route to take when money is already under pressure."

Of the 4,000 car owners surveyed by BMRB for the BCA Used Car Market Report*, 24% said views of family and friends most strongly influence the type of used car they consider buying. This increased to 28% for women car buyers. But 21% of male used car buyers cited 'personal experience of a particular make and model' ahead of views of family and friends at 20%.

Across the regions, used car buyers in London, the North West, West Midlands, Wales, South West and Scotland put their trust in the opinions of friends and family the most. Whilst personal experience of a particular make or model is the first choice for motorists from the North, Yorkshire & Humberside, East Midlands and East Anglia. And used car buyers in East Anglia rank personal experience way above all other influences at 55%.

"With a quarter of motorists saying that they are most likely to buy their next used car privately, what influences their decision could be crucial" continued Tim Naylor. "It is, therefore, at least encouraging to see that they do also take influence from some more expert views. These include independent car internet sites at 16%; test drives at 15%; used car showrooms/sites at 12% and franchised and used car dealer websites at 10%.

"However, car TV adverts were only considered influential for 6% of used car buyers and just 4% said they were influenced by car TV shows."

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