Skills recruiters will be looking for in 2015

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The job market is very competitive at the moment, with numerous people chasing a limited number of roles. In popular sectors, there are likely to be hundreds if not thousands of applications for every opening. It can be challenging for candidates to make themselves stand out and grab the attention of interviewers. The ones who do this are the one who are most likely to succeed and find themselves returning for additional interviews and even securing the job.

Below we run through the skills that recruiters are likely to be looking for in 2015. If you’re looking for motor trade jobs, you should make sure your CV is tailored to suit each individual role you apply for and highlights what makes you suitable for it.

– With all jobs, employers want to see staff with analytical skills and the ability to adapt to challenges. Dynamic applicants who show they can adjust, analyse situations and choose the right course of action are always valued. Problems will arise in any job, whether it is in an office, on the sales floor or the production line; the best candidates demonstrate that they can handle pressure and find suitable solutions.

– Alongside the ability to analyse situations, employers want staff who can work under their own initiative. In busy settings, it can be time consuming to have to go through a chain of command and seek permission before taking actions. Employees that can think for themselves, weigh up the options and make decisions are appreciated. This skill could also mark you out early as potential manager material.

– Flexibility and communication are always desirable traits in employees. The modern business world can change rapidly, so being able to bend to this is very important. Globalisation has brought big changes, and in many roles you need to be able to communicate effectively because you could be dealing with clients from all around the world.

– Interpersonal skills are important, whether you will be part of a team or working on your own. Your experience of working with a team and coordinating efforts towards a shared goal should be highlighted on the CV.

– It is important that your CV is detailed, but not overly focused on one area or another. You should cover everything from your academic accomplishments, experience, business sense, confidence and other important skills. Showing your passion and interest in the sector are always appreciated.

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