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In the UK there are more than 160,000 people currently employed by automotive manufacturers, and as a result of significant investments in the industry the numbers are on the rise. UK manufacturer Aston Martin operates an extensive apprenticeship scheme that continues to expand. Aston Martin trains apprentices in a wide range of highly skilled areas, such as product development, paint operations and design, maintenance manufacturing systems and support. The apprenticeship schemes mark a new direction for Aston Martin’s manufacturing methods.

The future of Aston Martin and other luxury car brands lies in their ability to retain their traditional craftsmanship, while exploring and embracing new technologies. Recently, the scheme recruited clay modelling apprentices to develop the skills required to work from initial design concepts and produce full sized models. Additionally, Aston Martin appointed its first set of craft apprentices to develop artisan trim and sewing skills within the trim shops.

Apprenticeships are a prudent way of supporting evolving working methods within the sector. The industry continues to thrive, and see the creation of brand new motor industry jobs. The end of the current decade will see thousands of roles become vacant due to retirement and career advancement, along with a multitude of new vacancies that require specific training and skill sets. The UK automotive sector is committed to developing the next generations of skilled workers to meet future demands, and apprenticeships are an effective way to facilitate this.

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