Sharing positive experiences to boost automotive recruitment

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The automotive industry in the UK is currently very strong and as we reported in a previous article the number of jobs being created saw a big jump in Q4 of 2016. In the same piece we also touched on the fact that more is needed to encourage applicants to apply for jobs, even with this number also rising in the final quarter of last year.

One thing that has been mentioned that could be a big help is having people currently in roles share their experience of them. This may provide great benefits because it would give applicants a much bigger insight into what jobs entail.

Typically job adverts only include a brief list of what duties a role includes rather than going into real depth. Whilst this may grasp the attention of some people it could see businesses missing a really big opportunity to tell people what makes them different and how rewarding working with them is. By having a member of your team tell their story you can do that.

When people talk about what they love about the brand they work for and the role they hold it can be really compelling and encourage people to apply. This could offer big benefits in terms of automotive recruitment, even encouraging candidates who would not otherwise consider a role to submit their application.

Recruitment in the automotive sector is incredibly competitive with so many companies all seeking the most talented people. As a result brands need to stand out and tell people more about them. Getting their existing employees to provide more information about their hands on experiences achieves this.

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