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While celebrating the continued growing success of the British motor industry, it is sometimes easy to forget one of the most important contributors to it. While a great deal of credit rightly goes to manufacturers for exploring more efficient means of production, those who sell the cars often get overlooked when it comes time to identifying where success stems from. With a number of high profile sales executive positions being available in the automotive sector, we always give due credit to the sales staff who have made such an important contribution.

A strong economy and easy access to finance have been behind the increased consumer demand for new cars. However, these factors no bearing on the final decision consumer make to actually buy a car or on where they buy it from. While market conditions have made it possible for car dealerships to succeed, they have had to ensure that their sales staff deliver exactly what consumers want in order to attract and retain business.

No matter how good the economy is, or how straightforward credit agreements have become, we do not have a market which sees people simply go and buy a new car without giving in-depth thought to the decision. Great customer service, a detailed knowledge of the product and a friendly, informative approach from sales staff are the factors that will influence people to take the plunge and make the purchase.

To secure the projected sales figures you have planned for your business, you need to employ the very best sales staff available. Our comprehensive range of services are dedicated to ensuring you can achieve the best employment strategies. Our personality profiling, aptitude testing and suitability evaluations ensure that all staff we present as candidates for motor trade jobs have been identified as having every potential for success. We don’t settle for selecting candidates who meet minimum requirements; instead, we find the ones who will exceed expectations.

The role of a sales executive within the automotive sector is a demanding one. It is also highly rewarding for those capable of delivering success. We represent candidates who are aware of the demands and expectations, and we work with motor industry businesses that will offer rewarding roles for talented salespeople.