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The automotive industry in the UK is a key contributor to the economy, hiring many thousands and injecting billions into the economy annually. Motor industry jobs encompass everything from engineering and manufacturing to sales. Sales executives are, of course, the main drivers of sales in the industry, providing a means of selling cars for their company to their customers. An effective sales executive provides an invaluable service to the sector.

A good sales executive can finalise sales without alienating or discouraging customers. A car is a large investment, and the last thing that is needed is for a sales executive to scare away any potential customers. A good sales executive will make a customer feel welcome and will ensure that a friendly and amicable sale is made. Sales executives are expected to meet and often exceed their specific sales targets. They are popular roles as the potential for growth is endless: there are great promotional prospects and the revenue that an executive receives will depend entirely on their skill in selling. A skilled sales executive not only boosts the growth and revenue of a dealership, but also receives a good salary for themselves.

When automotive companies are looking for sales executives, they are looking for only the most talented individuals. Our clients often desire experience and a well-versed individual with success under their belts and a keen eye for a prospective sale. Enthusiasm and team work are two qualities that need to be upheld by a good sales executive. These qualities will also help their employment prospects as well as their salary.

If you are an experienced sales executive looking for greener fields, then we have a wide selection of motor industry jobs for you to apply for. Simply submit your application to us and we will do all we can to find you the right job based on your skills. We specialise in placing people in motor industry jobs in challenging and rewarding environments, giving you plenty of room to grow in your career.