Rumours abound about the new Apple iCar

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There have been rumours throughout the industry for several years that Apple are working on a car, and now they have increased the speculation by hiring Doug Betts, the former head of quality control at Fiat Chrysler. It has been reported across many channels that the project involves hundreds of Apple employees and is code named “Titan”.

Many people in the industry believe that if an iCar is indeed in development, it will either be an electric car or a driverless one. There are already many electric cars on the market, so if Apple are working on a new one, it seems clear that it will have to incorporate some unique features in order to appeal to buyers. The most likely scenario would be a new kind of battery or a car which interacts in some way with other Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, as well as the signature sleek Apple aesthetic, which would undoubtedly make the car highly desirable for many buyers.

Apple are known for being extremely secretive about their projects until they actually hit the market, so whatever they are working on, it seems highly unlikely we will know for certain until the project is completed – which could be years from now.

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