Robotics has had a big impact on the automotive sector

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One of the biggest concerns for automotive jobs is the rise in robotics and the potential for them taking over an array of roles. Robots can work efficiently, need fewer breaks, and can deliver consistent results. This makes them great for an array of applications including various types of manufacturing and finishing.

The threat to jobs has not yet materialised and it was even recently revealed that robotics has created 261,000 new positions in the US alone. The data comes from the Statistical Department and it showcases that workplace automation is actually having a positive effect.

In 2016 robotics began making a bigger impact on the automotive sector than ever before. The technology has matured and advanced substantially, making it more accessible and affordable. This trend is expected to continue in 2017 and beyond.

Rather than taking jobs robots have reshaped them, placing new requirements on staff. Now they must be more mobile and have a much wider array of skills. That way they have agility and adaptability that most robotics can’t come close to replicating. It is sound strategy to recruit these individuals.

In order to introduce robotics businesses need to hire staff who are experienced with using them. This leads to the creation of direct automotive jobs. Indirectly the wider use increases demand for technicians, installers, and even people involved in sales.

Currently the automotive sector in the UK is enjoying a really strong period of growth. Robotics could help to push this even further, increasing productivity and output. The job creation would also be fantastic for the economy.

At John Gibson Associates we keep an eye out for shocks that could have an impact on automotive jobs. It is great that robotics can prove to be beneficial in terms of employment rather than the adverse. We will be on hand to help employers who are introducing robots into their operations and need to recruit talented people to work with them or fit new roles.

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