Robotics has brought big change to the motor industry

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The introduction of robots into the motor industry had a big impact on production and the quality of the finished products. This occurred as far back as the 1960s but development has been much faster recently. In the last ten years in particular the technology has improved leaps and bounds, boosting standards even further.

Hyundai is a leading name in the industry and also a great example of how robots can be utilised. On top of this you can see the improvements that have been made with the technology. The manufacturer uses robotics in their vehicle building operations as well as other heavy industry areas such as ship building. Not surprisingly Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) is a market leader.

Looking at the technology itself, just ten years ago the robots suffered from excessive vibration. This had an impact on productivity and quality, leaving both outside of optimal range. Modern cutting-edge robots have virtually no vibration. A lot of research and development went into this. Ultimately the improvements enhanced production by up to 40% and quality too.

One area where robotics has proven particularly vital is spot welding. The devices that Hyundai use can complete a weld in under a second, vastly outperforming what the best human specialist could do. Additionally there is less concern about safety because there are no people involved.

Robotics has long been looked at as a cause of the loss of motor industry jobs. This is true in some cases, particularly when the machines can function faster and with higher quality results. There is still demand for traditional skills though, just in other locations. Welders for example may find limited opportunities in manufacturing but they are needed in repairs and production of components.

On top of this motor industry jobs have been created in many areas, including in the production of the robots themselves, maintenance, and operation.

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