Rising new car registrations led to a record-breaking September

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There were 462,517 new UK car registrations in September this year, making it the 43rd consecutive month of market growth. The total number of cars registered in 2015 so far stands at 2,096,886 which reflects a 7.1% increase from the same point last year. It also marks the first time since 2004 that the 2 million mark has been surpassed in September.

Every private, business and fleet market sector saw gains, with diesel, petrol and other alternatively-fuelled vehicles in high demand. The registration of diesel and petrol vehicles in September rose by 4.1% and 12.3% with the sales volume of vehicles powered by alternative fuel increasing by 21.7%. September has always been a busy month for new registrations, but 2015 saw a new record being set for autumn.

Since the market reached pre-recession levels it has continued to flourish, and UK car consumers have enjoyed a vast range of attractive options. Diesel powered vehicles accounted for half of the newly registered cars, and Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda all saw substantial growth of their market share. The strength of the new car market throughout September and the success of the plate change highlights the fact that economic confidence is continuously on the increase.

Although the success of September was predicted, it is still important that the automotive sector does not become complacent. The developments in car technology and the capacity of complex and sophisticated systems indicate an exciting future for both carmakers and consumers, and it is important that the sector benefits from the innovation and workmanship of skilled and motivated individuals.

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