Research shows high confidence in UK automotive success

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The continued success of the British motor sector is something that we will never tire of discussing. As one of the leading names for automotive recruitment in the UK this is quite understandable. We are sure that it’s just as true that you enjoy hearing about this too.

One of the most important aspects of the success experienced is the fact that it has been achieved in a sustainable way. This is to say that the exceptional performance of the last few years has been obtained in a way that allows for many more in the future. With this in mind we were delighted to see that research carried out by the commercial division of the Lloyds Bank group found that this approach looks set to continue.

A key contributor to sustained success in any industry is a consistent level of investment. One of the conclusions of the Lloyds research shows that the automotive sector has a clear understanding of the importance of this. The figures show that the overwhelming majority of businesses expect to maintain an investment level of 20% of turnover per year for the next two years, with turnover itself widely expected to increase by 15% on a year-to-year basis.

From an automotive recruitment perspective a significant development from this is the creation of an anticipated 85,000 new jobs. Many of these positions will relate to new products and processes which are expected to be the result of further investment. This aspect of the research is particularly welcome; as some reports in recent times suggested that certain factors might see an overall decline in the number of new jobs created.

We have served the automotive recruitment requirements of the UK for over 25 years. It would be both fair and honest to say that that we’ve delivered through both thick and thin times. The nature of that is what makes the current period of growth all the more rewarding to learn of, especially as success has been structured in a way which makes it sustainable. Our team are looking forward to being of further service for many, many years to come.