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JCT600 acquired a Mercedes Benz dealership in Harrogate in April 2015. They have followed that purchase up with a £2 million investment to redevelop it. The move is being made to secure the 44 automotive jobs on the site and to create the potential for new roles in the future. It also comes after a period that saw a 33% rise in sales growth for new and used vehicles.

The project, expected to be finished by November 2017, will completely refurbish the existing property as well as extending it. This will create an eight care showroom specifically to showcase new vehicles as well as facilities such as a handover lounge, internet cafe, and kids zone. On top of this there will be external space for 65 pre-owned vehicles.

The modern showroom will be designed with sustainability in mind. As a result, it will include LED lighting and a wireless energy management system. These new technologies will be low cost and help to ensure the facility does not have a huge carbon footprint.

Mercedes Benz showrooms have been changing over recent years to help attract more customers and to meet their needs. The ’boutique’ style is favoured and is what JCT600 are trying to introduce to their Harrogate showroom.

The first phase of the project began at the start of June. It saw work begin on the exterior to get the site ready. The second phase working on the interior began in the middle of the month.

The changing face of showrooms showcases how much consumer behaviour and requirements have evolved over the years. As a result of this the staff at these facilities have had to adapt too, expanding their skills and acquiring new ones. More change will come in the future as vehicular technology continues to advance.

At John Gibson Associates we regularly recruit staff to take on automotive jobs at dealerships across the UK. The positions can be very exciting and give people the chance to build great careers. We are pleased to put people on the right path and to also assist the employers in meeting their needs.