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In the UK businesses can encounter a wide array of issues with motor trade recruitment including high competition and skills shortages. Working with dedicated companies like us can help a great deal, providing easier access to talented candidates. In addition employers can look at what businesses do in different countries to get useful ideas.

Recruiting in Japan has become notoriously challenging. The competition for new graduates is incredible, particularly with the number of job vacancies dramatically outstripping the volume of potential candidates. The problem is worst for smaller businesses because applicants are drawn to the benefits offered by working at big companies.

In many cases small businesses can find themselves competing with several competitors for a single candidate. As a result they need to stand out and many have been forced to relax rigid hiring and employment practices.

One of the biggest changes is businesses are increasingly recruiting graduates up to three years after they finish their education. There is a big rush to recruit new staff when they graduate. This typically creates a seven month period where candidates are applying and attending interviews whilst employers are trying to attract applicants and choosing the best prospects. The short period can result in plenty of issues though, including some candidates falling through the cracks. By recruiting older graduates applicants have more chances and employers can pick from a larger talent pool.

Another move is to increase mid-career hiring. This has proven to be unpopular in Japan in past years but attitudes are changing and businesses are seeing the benefits it can offer.

Businesses in the UK struggling with motor trade recruitment can take heed from Japanese companies. They can take steps to expand the prospective pool of candidates and look at mid-career hires. The latter is important because in many cases these are the exact skilled individuals who are needed. Attracting them can be tough but it is not impossible.

At John Gibson Associates we work closely with clients in the motor trade to help them find the right people for jobs. Every service is tailored to suit specific requirements, ensuring we deliver the highest standards.

If you want a streamlined recruitment solution from a long service provider who focuses specifically on the motor trade, we are the company for you. Please get in touch and we will get started finding the perfect candidates for you.