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The UK automotive industry is continually moving forward and the demand for candidates for motor industry jobs has risen over the last few years. This is largely due to the fact that progression within the sector has moved us away from the methods that were at one point implemented for recruitment. When it comes to employment the standards held by recruitment agencies and professional outlets should be as high as possible in order to source and locate the best candidates. The automotive industry is a highly competitive arena, and we are the recruitment agency that knew the particular processes in place when we began were less than sufficient.

It is a staggering reality that the preferred process of recruitment agencies at one point was to send candidates to meet employers without vetting them or establishing any form of authentication. Practice such as this can result in a huge amount of time and resources being wasted. It was our intention to rectify this and ensure that candidates were no longer sent to interview for motor industry jobs that they were simply not suited to. There was a major lack of focus regarding the matching of qualified, experienced and skilled individuals to the motor trade industry which of course was proving to be entirely non-conducive to the sector.

Our particular strength is in the successful recruitment of superior individuals for the automotive industry. A personal connection is imperative for us to ascertain the specific requirements and needs of an organisation. We operate a strict policy of paying a visit to all premises and to liaise with every client. When a thorough understanding of the particular qualities is established we then set out to locate the appropriate person that possesses every competent skill you seek.

We assure our clients that our process is structured to find candidates that will effectively contribute to your business. Our methods incorporate the finest example of personality profiling available. Our specialist skills enable us to offer every individual employer and company access to tests that are of the highest calibre in the world. Equipping oneself with informative data goes a long way to helping you make the right decision regarding employment. Our sophisticated and professional testing provides illumination in a multitude of areas such as potential sales performance and ability, specific motivation enhancers, and a general yet concise understanding of an individual. You can investigate the natural tendencies of individuals regarding their approach to safety in the workplace along with much more. World leading personality profiling tests are guaranteed to deliver everything you need to know as a potential employer and the results can be trusted completely.