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A skills shortage in the automotive industry will cause several problems for companies large and small. Naturally the biggest issue will be the difficulty in finding the right employees for roles. A second concern though is the impact on costs. With higher competition comes longer recruiting periods and larger bills.

At John Gibson Associates we understand the above and strive to offer services that will provide major benefits to our clients. We have an unparalleled knowledge of automotive recruitment, gained over our many years serving this industry alone. As a result of this focus we can address the needs of clients throughout the sector and provide solutions for the specific issues they face.

Our approach to recruiting is focused on helping clients to find the highest quality applicants in the most timely manner. We do this because we want to help businesses to recruit the right people and reduce the risk of delays and rising bills. To achieve this we have a database of applicants ready to browse and pick candidates from. Alongside this we can advertise effectively to attract additional applicants.

One of the ways we help to save time for our clients and reduce the recruiting cycle is by vetting every applicant personally. We will know the brief after helping you to create it, meaning we are in the perfect position to determine who will meet your needs. By checking each candidate ourselves we save our clients the task, potentially freeing them from many hours of work. We only put forward candidates who in our professional opinion would be suitable for the role.

We provide our automotive recruitment services for the whole industry, catering for businesses large and small involved in everything from manufacturing to sales. Our focus is always on delivering the best service for each client, ensuring their needs are met. If you would like advice or want help with recruiting please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our talented team.