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Automotive companies attract a huge number of graduates and young people by offering apprenticeships and other opportunities to start building a career. There are many advantages to targeting staff in this way, particularly when it is unlikely that the market will be full of people with experience. With an apprenticeship, the employer can ensure you are trained to their standards and given the exact knowledge they need. It also means they can take advantage of the expertise of their existing staff and ensure younger employees get the best training.

Starting out your career as an apprentice means you can learn a wide range of skills and get taught by knowledgeable experts. This is one of the best ways to build your experience and many employers will put you forward to study for qualifications whilst you are learning. Apprentices generally have the opportunity to try out a wide range of different things to see where they excel the most, giving them a large amount of freedom when deciding their steps for the future.

Apprenticeships in automotive jobs are popular because they give employers a chance to invest in talent rather than looking purely for experience. Hiring experienced people has advantages, but there are also delays as they need to adjust to different systems. Some may also have acquired bad habits in previous jobs which could prove to be problematic. In many cases, the training costs for an experienced person could be the same as for an inexperienced one. With an apprentice you start from scratch and teach them exactly what you want, getting a better picture of their skills along the way.

In the UK many companies are looking to increase the number of apprentices they take on. There are a wide range of apprenticing opportunities available in a variety of different automotive jobs, from technical and engineering roles to sales and office jobs. Even renowned manufacturers like Aston Martin are offering more apprenticeships because they see the advantages they offer. If you’re new to the job market or want to try an exciting new career an apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for.