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Recruitment Nightmares

There are so many horror stories about recruitment! We hear numerous ones everyday, thankfully all about our competitors!

Have you heard the one about the agency that sent the CV of a candidate to their current employer? That’s one that occurs regularly!

We’ve been told that some agencies send countless, unqualified, unsuitable Candidate CV’s which have not been verified to see if the information is accurate, or has been falsified. Nor do they offer to take references. Even if they are lucky enough to stumble across a match – how many times has a new employee started and then within a few weeks leaves the company, putting you back where you started and more often than not, out of pocket.

As a Candidate, if you’re looking for a move – how many times has your CV been sent out without your permission, or you’ve been coerced into applying for a job that you don’t really want – or doesn’t suit your career aspirations? Perhaps the job you’ve applied for isn’t as advertised and you only get to see the full picture after you’ve applied and potentially exposed your intentions to move away from your current position. We also hear of agencies wanting to charge Candidates for their services and attempting to stop them from registering with other Recruiters by signing a disclaimer. In our industry this is illegal.

All the above scenarios happen on a regular basis.

These ‘nightmarish’ experiences can easily be avoided! Working with a respected and trusted Recruiter with experience and know how will help to prevent many, if not all of these pitfalls. You need find a consultancy which provides a high level of service that does a background check on candidates to make sure that they are right for the job and the business environment, who only advertise genuine vacancies and only put forward candidates that have given permission to be represented. And who also have a watertight guarantee in place in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

John Gibson Associates continuously work to ensure the entire recruitment process is as seamless as possible and we strive to give our Candidates and Clients a service that they can trust. Contact JGA today, speak to one of our Industry Professionals and see how working with the award winning and trusted brand in Automotive Recruitment will benefit your future success… at the end of the day – Your job, is Our job.