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Automotive recruitment requires dedication and work. Far too many recruitment agencies simply throw candidates into every position they can without care for how the candidate’s skills match the position and without factoring in their experience. This puts their candidates and the businesses utilising them at a disadvantage: The businesses do not receive the right candidates and the candidates aren’t receiving job offers from businesses that can utilise their skills to their fullest potential. At John Gibson Associates, we pride ourselves on putting in the work for all of our candidates and our clients to find them the best positions and the best employees respectively.

Currently, the automobile industry is suffering from a distinct skills shortage, particularly in areas such as engineering. This means that specialist recruitment is needed now more than ever. Recruitment agencies need to pick out the right candidates and ensure that they are placed in the right vacancies. Where an engineering vacancy arises, a person with only sales experience likely won’t do. Likewise, a person with engineering experience in a sales role isn’t being used to their fullest potential. Our clients demand the best candidates, and because they do, we supply the best and only the best.

Recruitment is not a robotic process where you simply fire off several candidates towards one position, but one which requires time and care. Talented people want positions where they can thrive, and businesses want talented people who can help them to grow. The human factor is often missing, but that is where we differ from our competitors: We take a genuine interest in our clients and their candidates. We do all that we can to find our candidates the right job for them and contact them extensively to do so. We interview the candidates before we pass them onto our clients to be interviewed, who can be assured that the candidate that they are given is the best that we have chosen personally.

Automotive recruitment is not a salaried job, it is not your 9-to-5 routine and it can be draining, but it is rewarding and, once you understand the process, quite simple. The automotive industry has weathered the storm of the recession and continues to grow, but it needs a constant influx of talented people to keep that growth stable, and it will be your job to supply businesses with these people. By investing £50,000 and working capital for six months, all you need is a positive, hard-working attitude and a genuine desire to see the industry grow. You need to genuinely want the best for people and need to want to be in the field of recruitment for the long run. In return, we will provide you with all the help and advice that you could possibly need, including meetings with long running franchisees to help reassure you about choosing recruitment. With John Gibson Associates, you can run your own recruitment business and provide a genuine service to the automotive industry while making a difference for the lives of many prospective candidates and to many businesses.